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curated by Jantzen Tse Chun-sing

10 Years of ASP,  Fu Lee Loy Shopping Centre, Hong Kong

30.5.2021 – 11.7.2021


策展人: 謝振聲

ASP 十年展,炮台山富利來商場,香港。

30.5.2021 – 11.7.2021


A Curatorial Statement

It is said that the artist’s value lies in his or her capacity as an inquirer (or troublemaker), combining, twisting, deconstructing things in an irrational manner, not for the sake of shocking the world, even less for personal or societal gain, but solely because, having witnessed the ways of the world, the artist feels the urge to express, and to question. Oftentimes the artist contributes unique perspectives in the humanist tradition, eventually transforming prevalent ideas.


The exhibition “Unsettlement” illustrates the primitive yet sincere attitude of Aaron Lam Kwok-yam, who persistently observes and inquires. Evoking the paintings of J. M. W. Turner, the exhibition space presents a misty, blurry landscape. Inside the tiny old store, the audience studies the work along traces of the past on the wall. The dialogue between the artist and the space is a metaphysical debate, quiet yet intense. To read this work, the audience must abandon any prior conceptions about things and their logic, the symbolic signfications of geographies and cultures, to witness the tension and combination, the covering and hiding of facts between materials.


The title of the work is like most propositions. The proposition, material, and space combined generate more sub-propositions, and the titles of the seven works put together constitute the artist’s journey through curiosity and unsettlement in the face of the essence of things.




有說藝術家的價值從來就是作為問題的提出者(也可能是麻煩的製造者),他們把事物不據理地組合、扭曲、 拆解,從不是為了驚動世界,更不是為了個人或社會進步,只是單單因為 他們看到了種種世情,需要抒發,需要發問止癢。藝術家常在人文精神上發掘岀獨特觀點 ,最終改變了當下的常規想法。


展覽「浮躁」 展現林國鑫一種原始而由衷的對事物反芻觀察發問的態度,展覽空間展現一 種如特納的畫作般一個充滿迷霧的矇矓風景,觀眾身在這狹小的舊鋪其中,沿著牆壁上昔 日的痕跡去閱讀作品--藝術家與這個空間展開的場場對話,這是一種安靜但激烈的,形而上的辯論。觀眾去閱讀這一個作品將需要放下自己對事物邏輯的了解,捨棄一切地理與文化 的符號意義,而去目睹各種物料之間的牽扯、拼合、遮蓋和隱藏的種種事實。


而作品名稱好比各種命題,命題與物料和空間就會產生更多子命題,七件作品的命名串連 起來便構成了藝術家在面對事物本質的好奇與躁動的歷程。

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