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Aaron Lam Kwok-yam was born in 1995 in Guangdong Province, China. He received his bachelor’s degree from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2019.  Currently living and working in Hong Kong, Aaron is a member of Popo-Post Art Group founded in 2018.  Influenced by the reciprocal relationship between personal experience and social phenomenon, his works explore the themes of identity, memory, time, living conditions, and emotional entanglement.

林國鑫1995年出⽣於中國廣東省,2019年畢業於浸會⼤學視覺藝術院。林氏現⽣活和⼯作於⾹港,也是成立於2018年的藝術組織 [後後-後藝術群] 的成員之⼀。受個人感知和社會現象的相互關係所影響,作品探討主題包括身份,記憶,時間,生存狀況及情感糾結。

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